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Bekaert reinforces its status of independent and recognized leader in the card clothing business through partnerships with textile machine builders and customers worldwide. Thanks to our technical know-how, our in-house developed machinery, careful wire rod selection and thorough understanding of the drawing, shaping, punching and heat treatment processes we can create a card wire that meets your specific needs. By leveraging our global presence, we can support you with quick and professional on-site service in your local language of production.

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Bekaert has been producing nonwoven card clothing for decades. Our extensive experience and technical expertise enable us to keep perfecting and expanding our portfolio. This includes two innovative worker and doffer wires: SiroLock® for high speed carding and Evostep® for medium speed applications. The difference is in the design; while the straight step of the SiroLock® wire ‘locks’ the fibers with geometric constraint, the delicately slanted step of EvoStep® creates local friction to improve fiber retention. Bekaert is a global and independent provider of carding solutions and services. We can provide you with quick and professional on-site support.