Report highlights global and China SAP industry


Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Global and China Superabsorbent Polymers (SAPs) Industry Report, 2016-2020” report to its offering.

Super absorbent resin(SAP) is the key raw material with which to produce disposable hygiene products, and adult incontinence products. SAP has super water absorbing capacity.

At present, the global paper diaper market is experiencing rapid development, with an AAGR of over 15%. In Y2015, the global SAP consumption increased by 8% year on year to 2.3 million tons. It is expected that in 2016-2020 the consumption would grow at a compound annual rate of some 7.8%, to an estimated 3.48 million tons by 2020.

At the end of Y2015, the global SAP capacity reached 3,489 million tons per year, up 12% from a year earlier. And China contributed the largest portion of the global capacity, at 30.5% of the total.

China’s SAP has developed at an astonishing paceover the past two years, with 2015’s consumption rising 21.3% to 382 kilotons. However, with the introduction of Two-child Policy, and particularly driven by the rapid development of disposable hygiene products market, the SAP consumption in China is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 20% in Y2016-Y2020, to 1.02 million tons by 2020.

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