Emtec Electronic GmbH

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Website: www.emtec-electronic.com

Company Introduction:

Emtec Electronic, located in Leipzig, Germany, is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of testing instruments for the Pulp and Paper, Nonwoven and Textile Industry. Products are used in the R&D, process optimization, product optimization and QA. Emtec is active in more than 80 countries worldwide.


At the SINCE, the company emtec wants to present its emtec TSA - Softness Analyzer. The device originally comes from the tissue paper industry, where it is industrial standard now for the objective measurement of the basic parameters, which determine our human feeling. In the past years, more and more companies from the nonwoven industry have started to use the device as well, because these parameters become more and more important in the nonwoven industry. 

The emtec TSA - Softness Analyzer is a device that objectively measures the softness, roughness and stiffness as well as the elastic, visco-elastic and plastic properties of nonwoven products, such as baby diapers and its different parts, wet wipes and so on. From softness, roughness and stiffness, a hand feel value can be calculated, which is adapted to the respective geographical market and the application of the product.