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Company Introduction:

WEKO has been active in its today’s business areas for more than 60 years. Privately owned and situated in the surroundings of Stuttgart, the stronghold of fuss-pots and thinkers, we have closely worked together with various renowned partners right from the beginning. Our more than 140 highly-qualified employees worldwide guarantee the quality of WEKO technology for a variety of industries including printing, nonwoven, tissue and chip board, plastic film production, paper and textile finishing, corrugated board and abrasive production./
From its establishment in 1958, NIKKA has built up an outstanding reputation as a leading company of auxiliary machinery equipment of printing machinery.

NIKKA has the proven experience and technical capabilities to implement unique ideas for a wide range of company needs. This expert design know-how is the reason why NIKKA is a fabled manufacturer throughout the industry. NIKKA's hardware and software products are highly regarded as they significantly contribute to an increase in operating efficiency, create a comfortable working environment and provide customers with high-grade, highly functional total solutions. NIKKA's mission is to keep on being NIKKA. NIKKA is synonymous with the untiring creation and implementation of new ideas and never being content with the status quo. Throughout NIKKA's history there has been an ambitious spirit and forward thinking vision which has allowed us to ceaselessly breathe new life into the printing industry and make giant strides forward in creativity.

NIKKA always makes great efforts to be an innovator.
NIKKA takes pride in being a leader in its field.
NIKKA strives for mutual harmony to others.

These three declarations help form the philosophy from which NIKKA's rock solid reputation has been built. If we adhere to our goal of being a respected manufacturing pioneer we know that NIKKA's door to the technological future will always be open.

Today's business environment has become increasingly severe for all types of industries. For this reason, it is important to us at NIKKA to maintain quality service and value to our customers. We are determined to stay the sole specialized manufacturer in its field our valued customers have learnt to depend on. We guarantee not to follow the superficial trends of our times but to continue striving for improvement in manufacturing technology the NIKKA way.

Exhibits Introduction:

WEKO Separator coating system for fluids and Powder
 Precisely defined reproducible application quantitiy
 High long-term constancy of liquid quantity and distribution
 Resource-preserving liquid management