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Company Introduction:

BONINO CARDING MACHINES is one of the biggest producers in carding machines in the world. The company has been in operation in the textile machinery field since 1913, producing woollen, worsted, semi-worsted and non-woven carding machines.

BONINO CARDING MACHINES offers to its customers in more than 100 countries, complete lines from fibre preparation to cards. These lines are specifically designed to process virgin and regenerated fibres, both natural and man-made, suitable either for spinning or for nonwoven, including a range of special products such as surgical cotton and de-haired cashmere. All the machines are designed and specially tailored to meet the customer’s requirements with important customer consultation and planning with BONINO experts. Manufacturing is carried out entirely within its own production department using the most updated technologies. A dedicated research and development department is the foundation of new concepts and innovative technology. With the wide range of equipment manufactured in-house, plus additional equipment from leading associates, BONINO can offer complete lines and turnkey projects to accommodate customer requirements. The first class BONINO service extends not only to the high quality manufacture of machinery, but also to technology transfer, including commissioning, training and support. The BONINO CARDING MACHINES production range includes; Preparatory Machines (such as rotary cutters, rag tearing machines, bale openers, Openers of various types, Blending bins, Vertical blenders, Oiling units, Willow cards etc. ), Carding machines (Cotton cards, Worsted and Semi-Worsted cards, Woollen condenser sets, Nonwoven cards), Cross lappers and drafters. In the nonwoven field  the company also produces aerodynamic cards.