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Company Introduction:

Tokuden was established in 1939 for electromagnetic induction equipment manufacturer. After that Tokuden developed Induction Heated Jacket Roll by electromagnetic induction technology, actually, more than 400,000 roll has been adopted so far.

Induction Heated jacket Roll is currently used by various field industry. For example, paper industry, synthetic fiber industry, plastic and metal foil film’s industry, and non-woven industry and so on. 

Induction Heated Jacket Roll is better the following points than that of conventional type of roll, like oil circulation roll and steam roll.

・it is possible for extensive temperature setting (MAX 400℃)

・uniform temperature distribution accuracy

・easy to operate for electric and space saving

・clean and less maintenance required

In non-woven industry, Induction Heated Jacket Roll are in used for spun-bonding, thermal bonding, coating and laminating. In addition to those applications, it is in use for manufacturing of a bag filter.