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Company Introduction:

Tectex is a new brand that come from the union of two companies. These two companies coexisted for many years making a strong competition designing and selling all over the world nonwoven and cutting edge fabric machinery. From few months there are not not two companies but one, Tectex Srl which takes the name from the synthesis of two companies In fact, today in Tectex there are many, if not all, the people who contributed to the two original companies.

The huge amount of machinery sold by the companies and the high quality of the members lead us to think to think that Tectex will be able to carry on even better what is the real advantage of the companies like the elasticity of the solution required adapting machines and plants and full customize options.

The originality of a competitive advantage that only our customers will have if they buy from us differs from the those who buys from companies provide the same pre-packed solution for all.