Booth Number: 1W70

Company Introduction:

We are specialized in manufacturing/supplying of machinery for the production of absorbent cotton and its finished products such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, cotton wool rolls, zigzag cotton, facial cotton pads, dental cotton rolls and alcohol swabs, etc. Furthermore, we also produce some of finished products by using our own machines for domestic market. So, we have the wide range of knowledge for both the machinery and production. It would be a great opportunity for us to introduce our machinery lines at SINCE 2017.

Exhibits Introduction:

The machinery line-up for absorbent bleached cotton products by TEXKOR has excellent productivity and easy maintenance for the customers. Those machineries have been used by major cosmetic companies in the world since 1996 and many of those became valued regular customers of ours. It’s produced by pure Korean technology and certified CE mark for major models also it certainly can meets customer’s requirement as 100% customizable machines.
Also we are proudly introducing our finished products made by our own machinery such as facial cotton pads in various shape and purpose which provide the end customer premium quality and soft touch.