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Company Introduction:

Mogul is a global player, Turkish-based family-owned and founded in 1997, producing and selling nonwoven and composite products.  Mogul was the first company in Turkey to begin Spunbond, Meltblown, and SMS production in Turkey.  Mogul is ranked global top 40 nonwovens company by INDA, with 4 manufacturing facilities in Turkey and USA, and is among top 1000 companies in Turkey for both export sales and total turnover.  Mogul is exporting majority of its capacity to more than 40 countries in 4 continents on a global basis, with consistent quality, competitive price, and satisfactory service. 

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Products Introduction:

Major markets Mogul serves include Air and liquid filtration, wipes, automotive, bedding/furniture, artificial leather, hygiene, fabric softener sheets, building/construction, spill control, coating substrates, packaging, landscape, agriculture, medical, and cable wrapping.  Mogul offers a vast array of nonwoven products and composites as below:
• Madaline® Bico Microfilament Hydro-entangled
• Buffalo® Bi-component (PET/CoPET) spunbond (Round and Trilobal shaped filament)
• Mopet® 100% PET spunbond (Round and Trilobal shaped filament)
• Durell® cross-lapped spunlace
• Aqualace® parallel-laid spunlace
• Motex® Polypropylene spunbond
• Meltblown (SM, SMS, MMM
• Extrusion coated-laminated fabrics
• PEVA Films
• Converted Composites made of nonwovens and other composites