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Company Introduction:

Create greener environment for everyone by providing human and eco-friendly non woven fabric products Dongwha Vitex Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 1994 has become a leader of non-woven manufacturing industry in globalized market place based on continual R&D and innovation of production lines. Business motto : Customer Satisfaction Our effort and investment have been focused towards R&D to maximize customer satisfaction and enlighten our customers by providing the highest quality products. We aim to grow with our customers and help create greener environment for everyone by providing human and eco-friendly products that are managed under strict quality control in accordance with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001. Please contact us for more information regarding our products and company. We are always ready to welcome you at Dongwha Vitex Co., Ltd.



Exhibits Introduction:

Nano Mask-A nano mask consisting of nano fibers is made up of millions of holes, which makes it much easier to breathe than conventional masks, and viruses, bacteria, and dust can not penetrate into the respiratory tract Nanofiber Windows Filter-It is necessary to collect physical fine dust simultaneously with electrostatic force.(Fine dust collection function even in high humidity) Facial Maskpack Fabric-Nanofibers have a large surface area and elasticity. It has excellent moisture and adhesion. Elastic non-woven fabrics-Spunbond elasticized nonwoven fabric with polyester modified by spunlace method to maximize elasticity