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Company Introduction:

WEKO has been active in its today’s business areas for more than 60 years. Privately owned and situated in the surroundings of Stuttgart, the stronghold of fuss-pots and thinkers, we have closely worked together with various renowned partners right from the beginning. Our more than 140 highly-qualified employees worldwide guarantee the quality of WEKO technology for a variety of industries including printing, nonwoven, tissue and chip board, plastic film production, paper and textile finishing, corrugated board and abrasive production.



Exhibits Introduction:

WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) for the finishing of nonwovens are comprised of the Liquid Supply Unit and System Controller WEKO-FLOW and the Rotor Carrier WEKO-SIGMA.Compact and adaptable to a variety of system configurations, they allow for the rapid change to the respective necessary product formats, product speeds, scope of application, etc.