Booth Number: 1W11


Company Introduction:

Cormatex is a textile machinery manufacturer, operating on the international markets since 1938. The company has diversified its own production, becoming a leader in customized solutions for the following two sectors: Nonwoven (complete lines including opening and blending, carding, crosslapping, slitting and winding machines) and woollen spinning (complete lines for woollen yarn production as well as special technologies for wool deburring and cashmere, alpaca and other fine fiber dehairing).


Exhibits Introduction:

Cormatex will exhibit its new airlaying technology, Lap Formair. The system can manufacture nonwoven products using virgin fibres, post-industrial and post-consumer waste materials. It is available in 2 versions: Lap Formair V creates vertical orientation of the fibres, providing excellent resiliency, thermal and acoustic insulation properties; while Lap Formair H creates a horizontal stratification of the fibres, thus improving mechanical properties - tensile strenght, maintaining a gentle fibres handling. Special feature of Lap Formair H is the possibility of