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Company Introduction:

EVS has pioneered the science of camera-based automatic vision inspection for textile fabrics and technical webs for over two decades. Utilizing cutting-edge computerized surface inspection and process monitoring technology, EVS provides customers with a significant increase in productivity and efficiency, by optimizing product yield and minimizing operational costs.


Exhibits Introduction:

IQ-TEX4 is an automatic, in-line fnal inspection solution and real-time process monitoring system. With the capability to capture any visible defect at line speeds, IQ-TEX4 can be used in a variety of positions in the majority of manufacturing equipment. It provides real-time operator alerts for running or repetitive defects as well as creating fnished roll inspection maps - driving optimized product yield and high-speed debatcher control. IQ-TEX4 eliminates the most expensive, non-value added process in manufacturing by removing the need for slow, costly manual inspection