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Company Introduction:

Since 1995, emtec Electronic develops, manufactures and distributes advanced testing devices for the Pulp & Paper as well as the Nonwoven Industry. The emtec measuring devices are now used in more than 80 countries in laboratory and production. Customers are additionally supported by its sales network of about 30 representatives. The main target of emtec Electronic is to find innovative solutions for the process optimization, quality assurance and product development, helping the customers to improve the quality of their products as well as reducing costs and complaints. To find these innovative solutions, emtec is in a very good and close contact to customers from the industry. For example, its TSA Nonwovens Softness Analyzer has been developed based on customers’ needs and is now unique in the market.“


Exhibits Introduction:

At the SINCE2017, emtec Electronic presents its TSA Nonwovens Softness Analyzer for objective softness measurement of nonwovens. The three basic parameters (Softness, Smoothness, Stiffness) of the human hand feeling are separately determined, and the overall hand feel value of the nonwoven sample can be automatically computed by the help of algorithms. The very good correlation to the human hand feeling enables the replacement of the subjective hand panel test. By its use, an extreme increase of efficiency in process optimization in the nonwovens production and converting are achievable.