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Company Introduction:

Farè S.p.A. is a worldwide leader supplier of complete range of machines for staple fibers, spunbond and meltblown nonwovens. Farè was founded, as manufacturer of machinery for the synthetic fibres industry, more than 45 years ago. Farè designs and supplies complete plants, equipments and production technologies and, nowadays, more than 420 industrial lines are operating worldwide based on Farè state-of-the-art technologies. Farè is used to give their customers all kind of services tailored to their needs such as: know-how, erection and start-up assistance, training of personnel, assistance in management service and quality control, revamping of existing plants. Farè was a pioneer in machinery manufacturing for polyolefin and polyester extrusion lines and is a protagonist in the development of processing machines for synthetic fibers to answer today's market demands for plants such as: SUPERSTAPLE FIBRE LINES, SUPERSPUN SPUNBOND LINES, UTILITIES AND ANCILLARY SYSTEMS FOR INDUSTRIAL PLANTS.


Exhibits Introduction:

Complete lines for the production of nonwoven webs with mono and bicomponent sheath-core and splittable. Our production program covers SPUNBOND process: S, SS, SMS, SMMS up to 6 beams, calender, needle punch, spunlace and high bulk technologies fulfilling the entire range of the market demand from hygienic to geotextile, STAPLE spinning lines – Short spinning (one-step) and Long spinning (two-step) for the production of PP and PET staple fiber for geotextile nonwoven applications and production of bicomponent staple fiber. With his dryer-less technology, Farè guarantees performances of lines feeding PET flakes or granules directly to the extruder without crystallization-dryer.