Booth Number: 1J10


Company Introduction:

Technoplants, once known for their pioneering automatic end of line, from cutting to winding, stacking and packaging, is today specialized in making complete air lay lines. It's revolutionary Air lay card machine MULTIline FPC is able to produce mats with any fiber in a range from 0.9 denier to 400 denier and any length from 4 mm to 100 mm. The combination of the three machines (Former, Precard and Card) gives the maximum flexibility to the line and allows customers to produce fabrics with widely different characteristics from one another, at the same time with a machine setting time of only e few minutes to change from one production to the other. This lead to a wide range of weight, from 50 gsm to 5000 gsm, which increase the products portfolio and then the market share.


Exhibits Introduction:

The experience maturated also in thermal bonding ovens, allow Thechnoplants to supply entire air lay lines, from blending to packaging. The thermobonding MULTIoven operates from high-speed ADL to shoddy recycled fiber mats, with a constant thin air distribution for all the configurations. To help our customers to find the right configuration and to test their fibers, Technoplants has built a complete 2.8 m wide show room line where they can perform any kind of trial thanks to: opening and blending line, airlay, thermobonding oven, cutting unit.