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Asia Nonwoven Fabrics Association (ANFA) is the only international trade association, which represents the nonwovens industry in Asia both in name and substances, to contribute to healthy growth of nonwovens-related industries in Asia. ANFA has more than 300 members companies, presenting the primary companies of global or Asian nonwovens industry from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. countries and areas. Since the establishment, ANFA has made a great contribution to the sound growth of the nonwovens industry all over the Asia region. Besides, representing Asia, ANFA keeps a close linkage with INDA in North America and EDANA in Europe. With the ongoing globalization, Asian regions are the centre of worldwide attention in the point of view of the highest increase in production volume of nonwovens and the market extending. The production volume has already gone beyond the scale comparable with North America and Europe, and share about 50% in the world. Also, ANFA has successfully held ANEX (Asia Nonwovens Exhibition & Conference) and ANFA Nonwovens Conferences, and will hold ANEX2021 in July 2021 in Shanghai. ANFA will surely give you a helping hand in sourcing your requirements from Asia and in marketing your products into Asia.