Visa Application

All foreigners must obtain an entry visa before proceeding to China. Visitors to the exhibition are strongly recommended to process the application one month before departure from the country of origin.

All the applicants for visas are required to have an Invitation Letter from the Chinese authority. We will coordinate and forward the information of the application double check for issuing the Invitation Letter which will be ready within 20 working days and send to you by fax or email.

Upon receipt of this visa authorization/invitation letter, the applicant is required to present his/her passport, a recent photograph, a completed visa application form (available from local Chinese Embassy) to the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate for completion of the formalities. (Detailed documents please refer to Chinese Embassy requirements.)

Download Visa Application Form here:

Visa Application Form


1) Passports must be valid for at least 6 MONTHS beyond the intended date of entry into China

2) USD 25 will be charged to issue the invitation letter. Invitation letter only will be provided when payment had been done.

3) If the invitation letter does not work, USD 25 will not be returned.

4) Please provide your Visitor Pre-registration No. together with the visa application form.

5) Please make enough copies for each applicant and return the typewritten form to us before the deadline.

Application Process

Visitor provide Visa Application form with fill information

=>Organizer issue the related Proforma Invoice to the apply visitor

=>Visitor do the payment according to the Proforma Invoice and provide bank slip

=>Organizer provide the Visa Application form once confirm the payment done.

Further Information:

Contact: Ms Few.Fu

Tel: 86 21 6157 3924