The 20th Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibiton(SINCE)

The 20th Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibiton(SINCE)

2023 | Shanghai World Expo Exhibiton and Convention Centre, Shanghai, China.

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Medical disposables to soar in value

Global demand for medical disposables is set to reach US$273bn by 2020, according to a new research report – with nonwovens and medical textiles accounting for nearly a quarter of these products.

The report, World Medical Disposables, has been published by US-based industry research firm the Freedonia Group, and projects an annual 6.2% growth for medical disposables. The continuing growth in demand is being attributed to high healthcare spending intensity, a high volume of patient activity, strict healthcare infection prevention protocols and greater pricing flexibility.

China is forecast to be the fastest-growing market and the second-largest share of demand through 2020 and beyond, as its medical delivery system is expanded and upgraded to better serve its massive population. The US will remain the largest market over the long-term.

Western Europe will remain the third-largest major market for medical disposables, reflecting the operation of a universal health insurance plan and an advanced medical delivery system in most countries. On the downside, growth prospects for medical disposables in the region will slow due to tight cost controls such as budgeting and fixed reimbursement rates.

Demand for medical disposables in Eastern Europe will remain concentrated in basic commodities such as bandages, sutures and general patient support goods. The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland will see the fastest and most diverse revenue growth in the region as they are the only nations that operate modern medical delivery systems. Economic and political challenges have limited the production and consumption of medical disposables in Russia. However, by virtue of its sizable population and large base of hospitals and physicians, Russia will comprise the fourth-largest national market for these products in 2020.

Among specific types of medical disposables, the best revenue growth prospects globally will exist in products that enhance infection prevention, generate revenues for medical providers, and contribute to more successful patient outcomes. Included in this group are barrier-enhanced surgical nonwovens, biological wound dressings, biological indicators, dialysis kits, prefillable inhalers, waste disposal containers and safety-enhanced devices such as surgical scalpels, IV and urinary catheters and prefilled syringes. By Gareth Gillespie. 31 August 2016, WTiN


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