The 21st Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibition(SINCE)


The 21st Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibition(SINCE)

2025 | Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre, Shanghai, China.

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Seventh Generation Announces Diaper Donation Milestone

Seventh Generation, a household, baby and personal care company and pioneer in the environmentally conscious products space, is partnering for the third consecutive year with the GOOD+ Foundation to break the cycle of family poverty through the power of donated goods and services. This year, Seventh Generation reached the milestone of more than three million diapers donated to GOOD+ Foundation to benefit families in need.

GOOD+ Foundation donations, such as diapers, strollers and cribs, act as incentives for families to enroll in antipoverty programs and meet goals that benefit the whole family. Diapering is such a critical part of a child’s early development and can be a source of stress for families living in poverty. The demand for diapers is great, with one in three American families experiencing diaper need. With no federal child safety net programs allocating dollars specifically for the purchase of diapers, impoverished families continue to struggle to keep their children safe and protected.

“We believe all families deserve access to safe and healthy products for their babies, and we’re honored to partner with an organization that shares our same philosophy and is helping make a difference in the lives of families across the country,” says Joey Bergstein, chief operating officer of Seventh Generation. “We’re proud to celebrate our three millionth diaper donation to the GOOD+ Foundation as part of our ongoing mission to nurture the health of the next seven generations.”

Free from fragrance and chlorine processing, Seventh Generation hypoallergenic diapers are made for sensitive skin with no added fragrances or lotions. An ultra-absorbent core is designed to keep baby’s skin protected and dry.

“Diapers are a constant need for parents of young children, and are very often a source of financial stress for the communities we serve. Last year we worked with a dedicated single father who had his child removed from his custody for making his own diapers because he couldn’t afford to purchase them,” says Jessica Seinfeld, founder and president, GOOD+ Foundation. “The commitment from Seventh Generation to provide over three million diapers to the families we serve has made a tremendous impact on the lives of many parents. Thanks to their support, families don’t have to choose between buying food and paying rent or buying diapers.”

GOOD+ Foundation works through a network of over 150 antipoverty programs across the country to provide diapers and other essentials to families in need.


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