The 20th Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibiton(SINCE)

The 20th Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibiton(SINCE)

2023 | Shanghai World Expo Exhibiton and Convention Centre, Shanghai, China.

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Trützschler introduces new tuft blender

MÖNCHENGLADBACH – Machinery manufacturer Trützschler has released its new tuft feeding machine, T-Blend. This technology is said to be faster, more reliable and work with capacities of up to 2000kg per hour.

The machinery – which is capable of blending up to six components in one process – integrates a waste opener, bale opener, precision feeder and high performance feeder allowing for a variety of materials to be used.

The in-built performance feeder can successfully work on capacities of up to 800kg per hour. After the feeding process, the blends are discharged into a weighing unit. The T-Blend weighing unit performs faster than market alternatives thanks to its vibration-free, three point suspension.

The feeding machines conveyor belt allows bulky fibres to be passed through due to higher volume allowances and better material distribution, says Trützschler.

The company says that the self-monitoring system offers flexible applications and is operational on fibres of different lengths, finenesses and colours. A new and improved pan and pre-filling chamber for the feeding machine is larger than previous models allowing for increased production turnovers.

Prior to blending, the weighing unit technology measures the individual components which allows for homogenous dosing and more precise blending ratios. This technology has now been commercialised and will provide faster, more effective tuft blending for high production capacities.


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