The 21st Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibition(SINCE)


The 21st Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibition(SINCE)

2025 | Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre, Shanghai, China.

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A.Celli to supply two IRIDIUM® printing machines in China

Foshan Huahan Sanitary Material Co. Ltd., a Chinese leading company specialized in the flexo printing process of baby diapers, has acquired two new A.Celli IRIDIUM® printing machines, Mod. 8105, that will be installed in Foshan Huahan’s branch, in December 2019.

As A.Celli IRIDIUM® is considered an ideal press for short and long runs, Foshan Huahan Sanitary Material can quickly respond to their customers’ production needs.

Among other features, the A.Celli IRIDIUM® mod. 8105 is equipped with the new A.Celli Nexus® film re-winder, patented by A.Celli Nonwovens, allowing the automatic alignment of the multi slitting and core device with the printing path, this solution minimizes the set up time and waste during the start up.

The patented splice device, installed on A.Celli Nexus® film re-winder, allows optimize splice without tape and reduce to zero the waste during the doffing cycle.

In addition, the machine incorporates quick job changes, automatic fast job set up, an automatic washing system, 100% video camera that includes quality control and dynamic repeat length adjustment and controls that reduce waste due to inhomogeneous material.

A.Celli IRIDIUM® mod. 8105 drying system is designed to improve environmental protection and energy savings, and can switch from solvent-based to water-based inks to meet the trend of green production and zero VOC emission.

Maintenance is easier and more accessible, as the machine incorporates an automatic CI washing system and it is possible to disassemble the drying boxes from the side for cleaning.

A.Celli IRIDIUM® HMIs give relevant production information on a user friendly data screen.

The Platform for Industry 4.0, developed by EXTREME AUTOMATION, includes information such as daily job tasks, printing job length completed and roll printed, machine down time, and it enables the implementation of remote troubleshooting, a wide range of predictive maintenance programmes and e-service which improve the uptime.

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