The 20th Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibiton(SINCE)

The 20th Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibiton(SINCE)

2023 | Shanghai World Expo Exhibiton and Convention Centre, Shanghai, China.

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Edelmann Technology GmbH & Co. KG


Company Introduction:

Edelmann Technology has been supporting the nonwovens industry with winding and slitting solutions since 1972 being the pioneer in this business area. All developments since then has been focused on producing the best roll quality possible considering the special material characteristics of the various kind of nonwovens.

Edelmann Technology developed into the technological leader for winders und slitters in the nonwovens industry offering:

In-Line winders

Off-Line winders

Non-Stop rewinder-slitter

Spooling lines

Packaging solutions

Web guiding solutions for unsurpassed roll quality for high loft and low weight web


Fully automatic In-line winders for up to 1,000 m/min. winding and slitting speed, up to 6.00m width and 2.40m roll diameter.

Off-line winding and slitting lines for throughput of 1,500m/min. and beyond.

High-performance rewinding-slitting machines, nonwoven roll+winding shaft handling systems, cardboard tube cutters, slitting systems with automatic knife positioning systems. Spunlace fibre recovery systems.

Packaging systems for nonwoven rolls designed to requirements and fully integrated into control systems of the slitters.

Artificial Inteligence in winding, slitting and packaging

– Process optimization

– Unsurpassed roll qualitiy

– Energy consumption minimized

-Operator support

-predivtive Maintenance

Contamination avoidance

– High efficiency dust suction

-Avoidance of hydraulic equipment


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