The 21st Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibition(SINCE)


The 21st Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibition(SINCE)

2025 | Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre, Shanghai, China.

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Autefa Solutions


Company Introduction:

Autefa Solutions delivers turn-key nonwovens lines and machines for needle punching, thermobonding, air- through bonding and hydroentanglement.

Products Introduction:

Autefa Solutions delivers turn- key spunlace lines from bale to fabric

Autefa Solutions offer complete lines for the production of direct and crosslapped spunlace products. Injection Card: best quality web at the highest productions with lower value of MD/CD ratio. Crosslapper Topliner CL 4006: high infeed speed of up to 140 m/min and a precise weight distribution. Spunlace Machine V- Jet FUTURA: perfect product performance additional to reduced energy consumption. Square Drum Dryer SQV: combines the small footprint of a drum dryer with the better performance of a belt dryer.

Autefa Solutions delivers turn- key needle punching lines

Needle punching machines from Autefa Solutions combine Fehrer’s know-how and long-time experience with the latest technology and offer optimum solutions for any kind of needling requirement, as single looms or integrated in complete lines: – Variliptic drive concept – NL drive concept – Machine speeds over 3000 rpm in continuous operation – Working widths up to 16 m – Needle densities up to 30000 needles/m.

A high speed boost for Spunlace lines- Crosslapper CL 4006 SL

With the Topliner CL4006 SL Autefa Solutions offers a crosslapper with special features for the Spunlace application. Highest layering speeds and precise weight distribution are possible thanks to the integrated drafting unit, compensation belt, antistatic equipment and new designed transport aprons. These features are very important especially for lightweight applications in spunlace lines and ensures the infeed speed.

Autefa Solutions Injection Card

Autefa Solutions delivers nonwovens cards for various nonwoven productions lines. Applications are e.g. productions lines for geotextiles, automotive velour, artificial leather, carpet, technical felts, needled wipes, wadding, interlinings, spunlaced wipes and spunlaced coating substrates. The Injection Card distinguish itself by highest quality of carded webs, increased production, easy cleaning and easy access to all the parts of the machine as well as reduced time for maintenance and re-wiring.

A high speed boost for Spunlace lines- Autefa Solutions Injection Card and Crosslapper CL 4006 SL

In the past months, Autefa Solutions has again sold several card- crosslapper combinations into the Chinese market, which will boost the speed and production in existing and new spunlace lines. The main challenge in such high speed lines is to keep fibers at any time and process stage under control. Autefa Solutions Injection card enables (Drylaid) web forming at very high production. Autefa Solutions high speed Webforming sub-system, consisting of Injection card and Crosslapper CL4006 SL supports customers to keep or extend their leadership in the highly competitive Spunlace market.


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