Nonwovens (by manufacturing process) Nonwovens (By applications) Raw materials
Airlaid Abrasives Adhesives, hotmelts
Drylaid Agriculture / Horticulture Chemicals
    Thermobonded Automotive Binders, latex, foams, etc.
    Chemically bonded     Automotive Filters Fibres and filaments
    Needled     Automotive Interior  Films, Membranes, etc.
    Spunlace Civil engineering / geotextiles Fluff pulp
Meltblown Composites (incl. reinforcements) Polymer chips / granules
Spunlaid (incl.SM, SMS, SMMS etc.) Electric & Electronics     From petrochemistry
Wetlaid     Battery separators, fuel cells     From renewable / recycled sources
Composites     Cable-wrap Scrims and reinforcements
Others Fabrics and apparels Superabsorbents

    Interlinings Surface treatment chemicals

    Leather goods Tapes, elastics, mechanical fastening systems, etc.
Machinery     Protective wear Tissue, papers, etc.
Nonwoven production machinery     Shoes Waddings
    Web preparation machinery Filtration media Others
    Web laying machinery     Filtration (gas)
    Web bonding machinery     Filtration (liquid)
    Forming and drying equipment Home furnishings and , upholstery


    Accumulators, slitters and winders     Wall coverings Publications
    Finishing equipment     Table & bed linen, catering Research institutes and laboratories
    Other nonwoven production equipment & accessories     Carpeting Associations
Converting machinery     Furniture Technology/Know-how
    Absorbent hygiene product converting machinery Hygiene Others
    Wipes converting machinery     Feminine hygiene products
    Coating/ lamination equipment     Baby diapers
    Ultrasonic Bonding     Adult incontinent products
    Other converting machinery     Personal care wipes
Waste-handling equipment     Hygiene products for pet
Manufacturing auxiliary equipment Medical
On-line monitoring and inspection systems Packaging
Testing equipment Wiping
Others     Household cleaning / wiping

    Industrial cleaning / wiping